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User Galleries

The User Galleries area is set aside for registered users of to have a select number of their own photographic images displayed to the public via the Internet.

All user photos will be displayed within a uniquely personalised album under the category entitled "User Photo Galleries" here.

Please register here and then contact us if you would like to have your own personal gallery at Please choose your reason for contact as "User Gallery Request" and also provide your username on the form.

Once registered, we will create your gallery and provide you with instructions for uploading your images.

General Information

Please read this important information below before submitting your request for a user gallery.

Agreeing to a gallery on means that you are also agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below and on the About page.

  • User galleries are solely managed by Users will have the ability to upload images for inclusion but the editing of information and allocation of photos to a user gallery is not a feature that delegates to the end user. The reasons for this are simply to keep the website theme intact. However, users will have the ability to define image titles, descriptions and attributes prior to the image being made "live" and can request changes at any time via the contact us page.

  • All user uploads are subject to approval by before the general Internet public can view the image. This rule applies irrespective of whether a user already has an album in place on the website.

  • Currently, all user galleries are limited to 20MB of images. However, due to the downsizing of images when uploaded to the site, this should equate to a more than adequate number of items for individual users to display. Individual image upload size is limited to 7MB and only of file type jpeg/jpg.

  • All photos in the personal gallery will remain the property of and copyright to the user who uploaded them, unless that user is not the original owner. has no way of verifying copyright of an image and so cannot be held responsible for any theft or mis-use of the image before it is submitted for inclusion in a gallery. Please ensure that any uploads are your own before submitting.

  • Any photo shown in the User Galleries section of the site will not be made available for purchase as does not own the copyright on these images. However, there may be links for purchase displayed on the user's photo pages until development takes place to filter this based on gallery ownership. We will mark images as "NOT FOR SALE" until such a time when purchasing links are removed for the user galleries.

  • Until further development takes place, user's photos may be shown with a watermark after upload. This is purely a feature of the imaging software used in the upload process and does not reflect that owns the copyright on these images. Ownership still remains with the owner of the user gallery. If you have an objection to this then please contact us and we will endeavour to remove the watermark from your uploaded photos.

  • reserves the right to refuse a user the right to a gallery and to close a gallery at any given time. Where a user is found to be in breach of the terms and conditions of this website then their gallery will be closed with immediate effect. In most other cases, a user will be notified prior to a gallery closure.

  • Images of a sexual, sensitive or inappropriate nature will not be included on this website. Users submitting such images may find themselves liable to prosecution.

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