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Photo Gifts

Below are the details of the photo gifts available to buy on All gifts can be purchased featuring photos from's Photo Gallery.

We can also offer to place your own photos or images on to our gift collection!

For details of the ordering process and to upload your own picture(s) for a gift then please see the Ordering and Information sections which follow immediately after the gift descriptions below.

And for Photo Gift pricing and delivery information then visit the Buy Now! page.

Photo Coaster - from £2.99
Coaster The "Photo Coaster" gift is double-sided and features a clear and frosted side.

You'll get to choose 2 photos when you purchase this gift, and can decide on either side to rest your drink!

This gift is 10cm x 10cm and is made from a durable heat resistant material.


Snowstorm Keyring - from £1.99
Snowstorm Keyring This gift, the "Snowstorm Keyring", is double-sided so you'll have the benefit of choosing 2 images here.

The size of this gift is approximately 3.5cm x 3.5cm in a globe design. It comes with key chain, water and glitter already included.

Let it snow!


Photo Keyring - from £1.99
Keyring Our "Photo Keyring" gift is a double-sided feature. It's clear on both sides so you can choose 2 photos for inclusion.

The gift is 6cm x 4cm, is made from a durable material and we think your keys would look great hanging from it.

We can't guarantee it will prevent you from ever mis-placing your keys though sorry!


Porcelain Photo Frame - from £2.99
Porcelain Frame The "Porcelain Photo Frame" is exactly as it sounds - a photo frame made from porcelain!

Images of approximately 5.5cm x 3.5cm will display within this gift, which features a bright white glazed finish.

The frame has a height of 8cm and can be decorated with your own paint, pens or stickers.


Photo Magnet - from £2.99
Magnet Display photos on your refrigerator or freezer (or anywhere else made of metal!) with the "Photo Magnet" gift!

Available in either portrait or landscape, this versatile and durable item is single-sided and measures 7.5cm x 5cm.

You'll be drawn to it!


Ordering Photo Gifts

There are 2 separate ordering processes for gift items - one for the images found in the Photo Gallery and another for purchasing your own photos or images on gifts.

Before ordering, please ensure you have read both the Information section below and also the details on the Buy Now! page.

We also request that you enrol as a registered user here before placing any orders. This helps track your order more easily.

Ordering from's Photo Gallery

  1. Browse around Photo Gallery and find the photo of your choosing
  2. Click on the "Buy this photo now!" link on the relevant image's page
  3. Fill out the relevant form with your details as below:
    • The photo's name as shown on the photo page
    • The requested photo gift type (e.g. Photo Coaster)
    • Your name and address for delivery
    • List any extra photos or gifts you may want to purchase
  4. will send an invoice with details of your order via email
  5. Complete the checkout process as per instructions in the invoice email

Ordering Your Own Photos on Gifts

  1. Visit the Buy Now! page's Photo Gift Prices section
  2. Review the prics for the photo gifts shown in the "Your Own Photo" column
  3. Click the "Your Own Photo on Gifts - Buy Now!" link
  4. Fill out the relevant form details and provide your name and address for delivery
  5. will reply with details of costs and the requirements for image upload
  6. Add any remaining data (such as the name of the gift if not on the sytem) details of costs and the requirements for image upload
  7. Send the image(s) for inclusion on the chosen gift(s)
  8. will send a copy of the cropped image(s) to you for review
  9. Accept the edit(s) via email or request changes to the image(s)
  10. Steps 6 & 7 above repeat until the image(s) is/are agreed
  11. will send an invoice with details of your order via email
  12. Complete the checkout process as per instructions in the invoice email

Once the order is complete and all payments have been processed, will create the gift item(s) and dispatch to the buyer's supplied delivery address.

See the Buy Now! page for details on processing and delivery time and also our terms and conditions and returns policies.


General Information

In addition to the General Information shown on the "Buy Now!" page, the following notes relate specifically to the photo gifts featured on this page.

Buy Now!

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